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Posted on September 30, 2018

Sunday…a beautiful day for reflection…

I have been working out daily & eating healthy for months now. 

If it wasn’t for the medication I am on ( #endometriosis ) I would have hit my target in 2 weeks. 

But I find myself in a spot where nothing obvious is happening to my body. 

It looks like no matter what I am doing nothing is improving. Those kilograms ain’t dropping 😭

I am getting frustrated and with that my mindset is shifting from glass half full to half empty and my language is changing too.

Just the other day I found myself saying I was ‘embarrassed’ it took me 2 hours 15mins to ride 14miles/23km 🤦🏾‍♀️ WHAT?!!!! How is that embarrassing? Who did I think I was to cycle it in an hour? Rebecca Durrell? Girl stop!!


Instead of being grateful that I could actually ride a bike, I made it safely back home , saw some amazing wildlife on the way & had great conversations with my Father I moaned about how sad I was with my timing…now those are the side effects of an ungrateful mindset. So be careful  who you hang out with & be careful what thoughts you entertain in your head…


Don’t be the person that is constantly complaining whilst you’re standing in your blessing! 


I can imagine the Israelites wandering in the wilderness desperate to get to the promised land, getting annoyed, wanting to give up…


So today I choose to carry on with my workouts & healthy eating. I won’t stop. I won’t compare…I will just keep my eyes on the road:Lord & do all I can.


Have a good Sunday! 


Take care of you xoxo


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