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Posted on August 2, 2019

The History

It is 1952, two Danish designers equipped with nothing but skill and youthfulness stand in the doorway of their new modest factory. On the other hand it is 2019 and a young couple have just put in for planning for a great renovation project. The anticipation and vision in both these scenarios makes me smile. While they wait BoConcept is the obvious choice for inspiration.

That is because BoConcept has grown into a worldwide interior design pit stop. Most importantly they have successfully stayed true to the values of Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm. These values are simplicity, craftsmanship, elegant functionality and quality materials. The BoConcept Way is centred around empowering a person to drive forward. To achieve their goals in a creative, playful, collaborative and respectful manner.

The Furniture

All my mood boards are quite dark and moody at the moment and this Imola armchair helps me achieve this aesthetic in a subtle stylish way. The dark velvet hues and the striking brushed steel evoke classic regal elements of the old and new blending. You can see different colours and feel the fabric in the Glasgow BoConcept furniture store.

Imola Armchair

I have been visiting a lot of castles over the years and I am always intrigued by the rich colours used to adorn these historic buildings. They are very bold but also timeless. As a result I have become heavily influenced by rich tones. For example this Osaka Sofa with a resting seat is perfect for a small stylish home. I love the slim brass legs because I can see under my sofa – an essential for keeping the house tidy! It is a subtle addition to my dark mood board.

Osaka Sofa, tufted seats

Conclusion – Wall art

Due to my love of castles, wall art is a sacred part of my interior design just as it was in earlier centuries. It has to be a focal point in every respect. Design, conversation and translation. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered my favourite accessory from the Glasgow BoConcept Furniture Stores. Church metal print by Mads Peter Iversen a professional photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark. This is only available in store from their furniture stores in Glasgow.


In conclusion, if you are about to revamp your house, build or renovate BoConcept Glasgow furniture stores in Princes Square and Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow will introduce you to something new and beautiful. At the store you will sit down with an Interior Designer and start designing that dream home. BoConcept Glasgow stores, a worthwhile visit if you are in Scotland for more than just the scenery!

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    August 3, 2019 at 4:48 am

    Love! Have visited the store but never bought from there.. this inspires me to give it a go.


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