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Posted on July 16, 2019

I have been away for a while, soooo many changes in my life. This thing called adulting. Once you hit your 30s you think ah I feel like an adult now but real life starts shaping up in your mid to late 30s. Shit gets real. I needed a wee trip to help me forget about adult life for a bit.

I had never been to Fife mainly because I have this obsession with the North of Scotland. Every time I get in the car I just go north of north. Not this time though. At the very last minute we decided to go away for a few days before Captain Stag returns to the seas.

Our first stop was the Kingdom of Fife. We came off the A9 in Perth and joined the M90 to Dundee. Dundee over the last few years has under gone a Hollywood make over — face lift, tummy tuck, new lips, new derrière and a new wig..well worth it because it looks great. We drove past the V&A ( wow did I just type that)? And then over Tay Bridge taking the scenic route to St Andrews. If you have never been to St Andrews then you need to! It is gorgeous. Seriously.

We stopped at Kingsbarns Beach and took Lewis for a wee stroll on the beach. I should also mention there is a lovely poppy field on the left side of the single track road to the beach which is perfect for that IG photo.

As you drive into Barony Cottage you are greeted by this huge beautiful house that screams history! The owners are the loveliest couple. They remind me of your mums sister and her husband that loves you and that you love back.

Canoe Orrs
Chic rustic interiors.

Inside the cottage, silent tales of journeys across the globe immediately begin capturing ones imagination. I felt like I was walking into a living list of ‘countries you must visit’ just so pretty, indie, organic and warm. In the kitchen there is a jug filled with beautiful fresh foliage from the garden below. Ah the garden! Foxglove, Poppies, Roses it feels like you are looking into a mini Botanical garden. Cupar in full bloom. Beyond the garden there is a glimpse of green rolling hills. I can hear all the bumble bees and birds chirping in the lush garden below and it reminds me of home – I deliberately planted lupins by our window so that I could hear the bumblebees feeding in the morning. Home from Home.

Inside photo of the cottage
Lewis and Captain Stag.

We spent only one night here 😔 with our little Pomeranian Lewis and he loved the garden and I should add that finding a place that is pet friendly and clean is rare but Fay has the cleanest place we have ever stayed in! The cottage is spotless and we had a lovely peaceful night. When I book cottages I usually avoid places that have owners living right next door but Barony Cottage was different and we hardly knew anyone was there. When we checked out, Fay’s husband handed us a handful of freshly picked strawberries and homemade strawberry jam!

My next blog will be about our stay in Kelso!

If you are looking to stay in Fife, try Barony Cottage. Hidden gem in Cupar. Available to book via Airbnb here.

View of the gorgeous garden
View of the garden.
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