Homemade Scottish Cherry Jam

Posted on August 27, 2017

My mother always made everything from scratch from profiteroles to cakes and even jam! As a young girl I would hold onto her apron and watch her turn the kitchen into something Nigella Lawson would love. As a woman I now really cherish the memories she created with me and for me. I am excited to share them with my children.

Having lived in the city since my late teens it has been a joy to move back to the countryside and re-establish my love for nature, the outdoors and home produce. One of my favourite things this summer was making jam with my mum-in-love. She has 2 lovely Gean trees more commonly known as cherry trees in her garden. Every year they produce the tastiest cherries and this year mum decided to make jam with me. I had so much fun!

Our lives can become so busy we often forget to do the simple things. Go to the museum, visit the opera, play a puzzle, read a book at the top of a mountain or make jam! It is easy to just turn on the TV and watch a long series but it is more rewarding to pick fruit from your own garden and turn it into jam that can be enjoyed all year round. When I look back to my childhood, it’s not like my mum could not afford to buy us jam she could, she had 2 grocery stores. She taught us how to make jam as a way to ground us, to mould us into well rounded women. What happens if you can not afford to buy jam but you have an apricot tree outside? My Grandma Clara had a beautiful lemon tree outside her kitchen. When we visited her during school holidays she made gallons of lemonade despite the fact that our parents would buy plenty drinks for us. Why?

I remember a sermon by Bishop T D Jakes where he spoke about the importance of becoming the person you want to attract. Women often want a rich man, no kids and well educated. Yet they themselves are in debt, have several kids by different men and dropped out of school (Pastor Keion Henderson said that not me lol ) Work on being a better person then you will attract healthy relationships and function in effective environments. I remember Bishop TD Jakes saying ‘be interesting’ lol Are you interesting?

What does this have to do with jam? Well everything really…be versatile, be open to new and different things in life. Think outside the box, be a rebel and do not conform! If I asked you now what the most interesting thing about you is…what would you say? I am not saying aim low but I am saying be realistic and work on being the person God created you to be. I know that that person is very cool! So rather than looking for specific qualities in other people work on you, you being whole will naturally bring the right people around you.

Anyway back to the jam, here is the recipe mum-in-love gave me – Wild Cherry Tree Jam

Tip : When I made my jam it came out a little bit too I added two shots of Old Pulteney Whiskey to soften it. It just means my jam is a wee bit on the alcohol infused side lol! So make sure you do not over boil the berries. It is perfect on toast or added to a roast. Vegetarian friendly!

I had forgotten that I made a few Snapchat videos while I was making the jam so I have uploaded them for you onto my YouTube channel.

I hope you try it out and share your experiences with me.

Be interesting…Take care of you..






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