Remember your victories

Posted on August 21, 2019

I am sure at some point in your life someone has placed words on you that left you feeling defeated. Remember when she said you would never achieve anything in life? Sometimes when you mentioned your plans or ideas to him, he called you crazy. You know you have a unique gift but she made a snide remark about you not being good enough. I remember when I was sat in front of a Doctor that told me that I probably had cancer. Don’t allow harsh words to permanently damage you. Pick the right battle and start fighting…

Having said that, it is important to note that sometimes words will break your bones. Some words leave a lifetime of wounds that drive hate, pride and unforgiveness within you. Maybe you were told you would never achieve anything in life and all you do is try to show the world that you have “made it”. That is a waste of time because at the end of the day I doubt anyone really cares. You are just exhausting yourself trying to prove a point to people that do not even remember what they did to you.

Try to find yourself and when you do, love the person you find. You will soon find out what truly matters in life is not what they said about you but what you did with it.

As this new season approaches there will be storms and there will be bright sunny days, the harvest is plenty in both places. All the ups and downs are preparation for the task ahead. The battles you are facing now are preparing you for what’s to come. Like David, maybe you don’t realise the reason why you wrestled the bear. But the moment you see Goliath, you realise why. And then again you put your trust in God, the God that gave you these victories, believing, knowing that this giant, like all the other giants must and will fall.

So as you wait for the new season don’t be idle. Remember your victories and use them to give you courage. Serve, learn the word, evangelise, love, give and sharpen your tools ( your gifts, purpose ). Whether you are anchored or out at sail get ready and stay ready for whatever comes your way.

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