Posted on June 20, 2018

Everyone – even Mother Theresa can get mad, we can all get angry, have all the rage and go ballistic when things happen that upset you. But only the mature, brave, RESPECTFUL can keep their calm in those situations.

David’s brothers mocked him just before he went & slayed Goliath. He kept his cool and ignored their anger/disrespect. We all know what happened to Goliath…😱

Keep your cool😎 when you are confronted by hate. Remember who you are, whose you are and remember the end goal. –

So just because I keep quiet 😑in the face of hate, it doesn’t mean I am scared of you…it means I respect myself, I respect you and that you should be extremely worried why I am quiet. 🤔

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. And surround yourself with those that remain calm ( turn the other cheek ) in the face of hate….that is harder than reacting in anger.


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