Scottish Borders

Posted on July 24, 2019

Going off the beaten track is always the best for really getting to know any new area because you see more of what really makes a village and its not crowded with tourists. Having said that, when we went to Kelso I totally just googled ‘things to do in Kelso’ lol.

Kelso – Floors Castle

When I watch my favourite period dramas Dukes and Duchesses are not always portrayed in the best light ( rightly so, most of them made their money through slave trade, sugar plantations and corruption). However the current Duke, 10th Duke of Roxburghe Guy Innes-Ker is a visible asset to the local community and Scotland in general. He has heavily invested in the environment through various conservation efforts, built local affordable housing on Roxburghe Estate and quite successfully preserved a rich history of Scottish and English culture. Floors castle is also Scotlands largest inhabited castle.

We toured the castle ‘no pictures allowed’ every bloggers worst nightmare. After the tour, we took Lewis for a lovely walk that takes you onto the castle grounds and then along the River Tweed. To end the walk your reward is the stunning walled garden, the gift shop and a hot chocolate healthy drink from the cafe. I loved this place, worth every penny!

Jedburgh – Mary Queen of Scots

In my opinion ‘The Catholic Queen’ Mary Queen of Scots is the most interesting part of Scottish History! Just a few hours before her death she wrote the most touching letter you will ever read. If you do go to the Mary Queen of Scots Visitor centre you will see what is believed to be her death mask taken after her beheading ok that may be a little bit weird but just do it for the culture! You must also visit Jedburgh Abbey it dates back to the 12th Century.

Bunting Abbey

Queen Bee

We actually just stumbled across Chain Bridge Farm on our way to Berwick-upon-Tweed ( another place you should visit ) oh and North Berwick. They have all sorts of things going on there but I loved the honey! It is the best honey I have ever tasted. Order some here and let me know what you think. Just across the road from the farm is the Union bridge that connects England to Scotland. It is rather cute and worth a visit.

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Norham Castle

Just a short drive away from the Union Bridge is the gorgeous Norham Castle. There were kids running around the ruins when we arrived and for a moment the castle came alive. This is a perfect place for a picnic and great place for the dog to run around.

Lewis disobeying Daddy

Wellington Monument

This was probably my favourite place to visit in the Borders. After a short walk which lasted me about 30mins ( much less if you are super fit like Captain Stag ) we arrived at the top of the hill. The tower itself is huge and if it is before 4pm you are actually able to get keys that allow you to go inside and climb the stairs! The views are just amazing, 360 degrees of uninterrupted countryside. What a way to mark a victory! It reminded me to always celebrate my wins and use them as a reminder of what I can achieve when times are hard. a strong tower..

I definitely want to go back very soon!

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