Posted on August 8, 2017

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter…just as there are seasons in nature there are seasons in life too. I have learnt that there are seasons in relationships, health and spiritual growth. I learnt that each season I have been through was AND IS designed to create the best most effective woman I was made to be.

If you believe that every storm is on assignment then you will be able to function at your best and harvest the best crop from that season. I have had people/thoughts that I allowed into my personal space that infected me with diseases of bitterness, anger and shame. I allowed them in though, I had to work really hard on me. On reflection I now know that some people are assigned into my life for a season. I don’t focus on the reason why anymore. I just look at the lesson and the action I am consciously making daily as a result of it.

Do not be afraid to say no, guard your deep sacred places and let God work on you – He is able.

A few years ago I went through a season that tried my faith. I was one blink away from giving up. I was so full of shame and pain…how will I get out of this darkness? I don’t know how but God made a way and now I am here. No pain, no shame…renewed, refreshed and wearing my NEW GARMENTS.

Seasons of attack do not last. So be weary of people that are still stuck in a season that you came out of…and embrace those that have been your rock in every single season you have been through.

Ecclesiastes 3 – Pastor John Gray – Thank you.

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