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Posted on January 2, 2018

On New Years Eve morning I went to church and the sermon inspired my daily reflective journal. The sermon was powerful especially because it spoke personally to everyone that was there myself included. It made me look at my mental behaviour and mental attitude in situations of pain or hurt. When someone says something hurtful about you who do you turn into? A vengeful person? An angry person? Usually the default setting (unless you have evolved into a super human) is that of a person you perhaps may not recognise.

Let me tell you something about me. I am quite a blunt, no frills upfront person. I can say what I am thinking. Now, this can be a double edged sword if you do not know how to discern when this skill should and should not be used or what other ingredients you should add to it before delivery. For example sometimes it is necessary to be sensitive with the truth you are about to impart because telling someone the truth without care can be devastating ‘A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger’.

I am still a work in progress but I thought I had evolved. I will explain. Over a period of possibly a few years I have been learning how to make sure my character builds as opposed to destroys relationships. Someone made a hurtful statement about me I have a blog about this incident. My response to the person was that of love and forgiveness (via text ) but in my head I cursed, swore and wished them all sorts of deaths a horror film would be scared to film!

I actually remember congratulating myself ‘well done Doreen you did not reply with a scathing text you showed them love, great job’ because in the past I would not have hesitated to text back in anger. Now at the time I thought that was a victory but I realised on Sunday morning that sometimes what we think is progress in our heads is actually a step backwards. Pay attention. If you claim to have forgiven someone it means or it should mean that even in your head, in your private moments they remain forgiven. It is hypocritical to verbally forgive but your actions or thoughts prove otherwise. I know I have said some hurtful things to people and I do hope that I have apologised (if not and you are reading this I am sorry call me so that we can move on from whatever is keeping us stuck in yesterday).

I had not yet fully understood that when you think wrongly of a man or woman that sin has its consequences too…I have been walking around thinking I have forgiven people when I am busy planning battle strategies in my head. Sad really. But also quite funny.

We all know that there is power in speech and but we seem to always emphasise this when it comes to being positive forgetting as I learnt on Sunday that when you use hurtful words you are killing their spirit/soul. So do not be so quick to judge murderers when you do it daily too.

Restoration by definition means a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition. Learn how to return to your default character setting – Gods blue print of who you are. Read, learn, listen practice loving all of creation. Speak and think nothing evil about your enemies. I now know why God says cast your burdens unto me. He truly knows the end because He created the beginning. Love really conquers all and God always ALWAYS puts things back into place.

So do not be pay attention to the murmurs of chickens down below : soar high eagle,

Do not worry about how deep the river is : your brother walks on water,

Restore to factory settings : the manufacturer made the heavens and the earth,

Love first, love always and hate will find no room.

We have been blessed to start this New Year let us make sure that we embrace restoration,  restore relationships with God and with others especially those we love and those who love us. Clean up your mind, tidy up. The mind is something you really have to invest anyone or anything that feeds you hate must be stopped from entering. And be the person that builds others in the things you say and do.

Hello – 2018 very nice to meet you.







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