I am Enough.

Posted on November 22, 2017

TD Jakes said something: The Lion has his roar, the eagle has its wings, the cheetah has speed and I have my mind. I recognised that anxiety, fear, anger, bitterness etc are all designed to corrupt the most important function of being human, the mind. So I simply choose not to allow it because a corrupt mind at whatever level is not productive. When all you see is pain you fail to see Gods love…and even the love around you. You fail to see reality.

I have everything that I need to achieve even the things I have not yet imagined. This is not so easy to understand and it is even harder to live it but it is not impossible. I have to make a conscious effort to make sure I completely believe it.

I am enough. Repeat. I am ENOUGH.

I carry the tools I need within me – God assigned them to me before I was even born. I have the voice that I need to praise. I have the mind to create. I have the hands to soothe pain. I have the legs to walk into my destiny. I have the heart to love and forgive. The list goes on.

I believe that God has given us everything we need to become our best version. I just have to learn how to discover all the unique qualities that form my character and not let my personality be dominant. I for a start need to listen more and talk less, I need to be more patient. While watching The Shack with some friends recently I totally empathised with Mac who was stuck in a mess and did not seem to be able to get himself out of it until something really radical happened to him. So many times I find myself in situations that seem so impossible to ‘tidy up’ with hindsight I know now that everything I needed to get me out of the mess was in me. Just like an eagle uses its wings to soar I must use my mind to win.

Watching The Shack made me I realise that I have a habit of trying to put God in a box, this then greatly restricts my growth. God has come to me in many different ways in my life, he has been a sister that I can count on no matter what, the neighbour who stops to say hello, the surgeon that uses great skill and care on me and also the person at work you do not like. He comes to us in so many different types people and situations.

Often times we put groups of people into categories or we label cultures so that it makes sense to us. Huge mistake because that stops you from seeing people as individuals. No two people are the same. That which is different about you is your strength not your weakness. It does not matter what someone wears, how they speak, what church they go to or not or where they come from what matters is you love who they are regardless..

..So instead of worrying about what YOU think God does not like or what you think is unacceptable to God, focus more on loving people, forgiving people and being the best you can be by aspiring to always do better…because God has always kept you at the centre of his love.

Surround yourself with Eagles if you want to #soar…no hard feelings to the chickens.

This is a book you MUST read. ‘The Shack’ by WM Paul Young. Then you MUST watch the movie. It will be a great movie night with friends!

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